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This unique and customizable wooden sign is the perfect gift for your Irish Mom or Grandma! This is sign is made of rectangular birch wood, laser engraved and cut shamrocks - personalized with up to 20 names.


Shamrocks can be hung with individual names (up to 8 holes) or grouped together on one Shamrock (Harper, Knox, John, Sara) to fill one hole.


Signs with up to 4 holes is 13.5”wide and up to 8 holes 15.5”wide


Ex: Individual Shamrocks Hole 1: Harper Hole 2: Knox Hole 3: John, etc

Grouped Shamrocks: Hole 1: Harper, Knox, John, Sara Hole 2: Addison, Ashland, Alexander Hole 3: Olivia and Gianna

Lucky Charms

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